XX SITRAER – Air Transportation Symposium
  • January

    Publicado em 09/05/2023 às 11:05 AM
    Concorde inaugurated the first two supersonic flights (Air France and British Airway) with passengers on January 21, 1976. The Air France flight flew from Paris to Rio de Janeiro (with two stopovers), landing at Galeão Airport.

  • February

    Publicado em 07/05/2023 às 01:45 PM
    By surpassing the mark of more than half a century of production with 1500 aircraft delivered, the undeniable success of the Boeing 747 rules out further presentations. In the era of jet aviation, no program was so long-lived (BETING, G. 747. Beting Books, São Paulo, 2019, p. 68).
    The Boeing 747 was the greatest advance in the history of passenger aviation. While its predecessor, the Boeing 707, could only carry up to 189 passengers, the Jumbo Jet was initially certified for up to 550 passengers and later expanded to up to 660 passengers.

  • March

    Publicado em 05/05/2023 às 09:01 AM
    Teresa de Marzo (1903 – 1986) decided to become a pilot at seventeen years of age. When she revealed her desire, she faced strong opposition from family, immigrants from Naples, Italy, especially her father who wanted to see her daughter married.

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  • April

    Publicado em 01/05/2023 às 09:07 AM
    In 1946, Panair received the first Lockheed Constellation 049,being the first airline outside theUnited States to operate this aircraft.The first Brazilian transatlantic flight took offon April 27, 1946, from Rio de Janeiro,bound for Recife, Dakar, Lisbon, Paris and London.Panair was also the irst international airline to land (on April 12) at London Heathrow Airport, which officially opened for commercial operation on May, 31, 1946.

  • May

    Publicado em 30/04/2023 às 09:49 AM
    Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense or better known as Varig, would complete its 96th anniversary on May 7, 2023.
    The Brazil’s first airline began its first international route from Porto Alegre to Montevideo on 5 August 1942.
    Varig was formerly the largest in Latin America and stopped flying in july 2006.

  • June

    Publicado em 05/04/2023 às 11:14 AM
    Em 1o. de junho de 1943 iniciavam as operações da primeira torre de controle do Brasil, no principal aeroporto da época, o Santos Dumont.
    Hoje, 1o. de junho de 2023, as operações da torre de controle do Santos Dumont completam 80 anos 🎂.
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  • July

    Publicado em 01/04/2023 às 09:28 PM
    In the month of July, 03 important personalities in the history of aviation have a birthday.
    Ferdinand von Zeppelin, who was born on July 8, 1838 in Germany, built his first airship in 1900 with a rigid frame, serving as the prototype for many subsequent models. By 1910, Zeppelin had created the first commercial air service for passengers using its airship, which traveled more than 40 miles per hour.
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  • August

    Publicado em 30/03/2023 às 01:30 PM
    The successful completion of the KC-390’s first operational AAR (lair-to-air refuelling) exercise was announced by the FAB on August 18, 2022.
    The KC-390 Millennium is a medium-size, twin-engine jet-powered military transport aircraft under development by Embraer.
    Since June 2023, the KC-390 has been operating with NVG (Night Vision Goggles), which amplifies ambient light by up to 50,000 times and takes advantage of moonlight and starlight allowing flights with high operational capacity, even in very low lighting conditions.
    Until June 2023, the FAB operates with 6 KC-390s.

  • September

    Publicado em 15/03/2023 às 01:03 PM
    The first noise contour drawn in the world was the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport for the 1965 Paris Regional Plan. In Brazil, the first airport with noise curves map (PEZR – Plano Específico de Zoneamento de Ruído) was Pinto Martins International Airport, in Fortaleza city (2014) and the the first urban plan to consider noise curves was the Guarulhos Urban Plan (Urban Law 7888, published january 15, 2021).